Take part in the first order period! Limited to 25 dolls.


About PulkiDoll

What is PulkiDoll?

PulkiDoll is an artist doll line that currently consists of a 1/3rd scale female with innovative joints that create smooth, natural movement. This is just the beginning! I am hoping to create a full line of dolls and I have a ton of exciting ideas for the future!

The “pulki” in PulkiDoll is loosely derived from the word pulcher (pronounced pul-kher), which means beautiful in Latin.

The Mission

I love customization! My goal with PulkiDoll is to provide versatile dolls with a large array of options to help fit existing character ideas and inspire new ones.

About Me

My name is Samantha! When I first discovered ball-jointed dolls I was overwhelmed with ideas on how to improve the joints, which at the time tended to be simple ball joints, and inspired by all the possibilities for different body parts. I dreamed of creating my own doll, but since I was just a high school student with no artistic ability, it seemed nearly impossible. After years of planning, I finally got the courage to start sculpting. But, sculpting just didn’t feel right for me, and I couldn’t accurately recreate all of the ideas in my head. 3D printing had just started to gain traction, but it was still not widely accessible. My computer has always been a source of comfort for me, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to play around with 3D modeling and see if I could create my doll. In 2009 I finished my first doll. I naively spent all of my savings to get her printed, and a year later I was finally ready to take pre-orders. As a college student, I knew I wouldn’t have time to cast her myself, so I decided to go through another company. Sadly, they sent my prototype back to me and said they were unable to mold it. I was going through a rough time, and wasn’t able to pick myself back up and try again. For my first doll, I didn’t really understand the important role the elastic plays in stability, and I knew that the body suffered for it. So, I lost my inspiration over my current doll do to all of the imperfections.

I decided to start over, taking what I learned from the first doll, determined to make all the joints as smooth and stable as possible. My skills were increasing rapidly, but my commitments as a student and my obsessive perfectionism made it slow work. Now, after 4 years, my new doll is almost ready. The testing prototype is printed, and now I am opening orders so I can get the final master printed and start molding.


Doll Information

PulkiDoll is made up of 51 separate parts to give her smooth, realistic movement and a wide range of motion. Her arms and legs are independently strung and can be removed without disassembling, and her hands and face-plate are magnetic for easy changing.

The images here are renders of the prototype for my first doll that has been in the making for over 4 years! The testing prototype is printed, and I will now be making some internal adjustments to improve joint function and stability. Then, all parts will be re-printed in a suitable material depending on the detail level required. Before molding, all parts will be made perfectly smooth, and she will be cast in high-quality resin.

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The diameter of the sphere that is cut to make the space for her eyes is 12mm. 10mm eyes fit perfectly, though the iris is a bit small, but passable, for the realistic faces.

7.5" wigs fit, but do to the natural shape of her head can look a bit bulky. I am planning on making silicone head caps that hair can be implanted in, as well as silicone caps to go over her head to make wigs fit better.


You may pick any color you'd like and I will do my best to accurately create it. I will contact you with a picture of a resin sample in natural light before casting the doll.

Please note that the color may look different on different monitors. I will be basing the colors off of how it looks on an iPad, since Apple products are generally consistent and a lot of people have access to them.

Getting the right color is an art and not an exact science, so it may not be exactly what is on the screen. If the color is very important to you, you may request a color sample be mailed before the whole doll is cast. The color for the whole doll is mixed at once so it is perfectly consistent, but to save product, color samples will be made separately and used as a guide for the final mix, so there will be slight differences. Color samples should be used so you can be sure that the color is what you have in mind, not to get an absolute perfect match.

Pre-Order Information

The doll is currently in the testing stage and the 3D-printed testing prototype is complete. There are a few small, internal modifications to make to improve the ease of use and stability. Once the modifications are made the parts will be reprinted and the hands and feet will be printed in a material that reproduces fine detail. Assuming all of the modifications work as intended, all parts will then be smoothed and perfected before molding.

No payments will be due until photos of a cast doll are available so you can be sure of what you are going to get. Because the number of dolls for this order period are limited, please only place an order if you intend on completing it.

Casting Information

I will be casting the dolls myself with a pressure pot. I first started molding and casting 5 years ago, and I have had good luck with what I have made so far, but I'll admit I have not yet done anything on this scale. Casting myself gives me the control and flexibility I need to fulfil my dream of offering fully customizable dolls. I am confident in my ability to produce high-quality dolls, but I do acknowledge the possibility of hiccups along the way.

I will keep everyone informed of any problems or delays with casting. If there are any changes or delays that you find unacceptable, I will allow cancelations with full refunds. Please keep in mind that these are artist dolls and not professionally cast dolls, so there are bound to be some imperfections. I will do my best to keep these to a minimum and make sure all important areas are free of marks. If you feel the casting is of low quality, you may return the doll for a full refund. It is very important to me that no one feel they are risking their hard earned money on an unproven product, so I am happy to be very flexible with the first order.

When will my doll be ready?

My goal is to ship all dolls within 3 months - hopefully sooner. Since all dolls are handmade and mold making can be unpredictable at time, it may take longer. If, after 4 months from the end of the order period your doll is not ready to ship, you may request a full refund.


A $300 deposit is due at the end of the order period (or when photos of the cast doll are available). The remaining balance, including shipping, is due before the doll ships. You will be notified a week before each payment is due.


Dolls will ship from US area code 14618. You may choose your own shipping option. Cost will depend on the final weight of doll and box, estimated to be around 6lbs and 30x12x8 inches.

Order Changes/Cancelation/Refunds

Orders may be canceled up until the end of the order period. If photos of the finished, resin prototype are not available by the end of the order period, it will be extended so that you do not have to commit until you have an example to see exactly what you are getting.

Once the order period is over, the deposit is non-refundable.

Any options may be changed until production starts. Notifications will be sent a week before production.

I appreciate the faith it takes to be a part of the first order. If you are not satisfied with the doll you receive, you may return it as long as it is still in new condition. Return requests must be made within one week of delivery. If for some reason you will not be able to inspect the doll until some time after delivery, please notify me before shipping.